Team Work

we are better together


we strive to improve and exceed expectations

Respect & Integrity

we always do what is right

Our vision

“Our vision is to be the Best leading Construction Company creating advanced and sustainable living environments in Sri Lanka, for us and the generations to come”vision-img

We need to be the Sri Lanka’s Best Leading construction Company by achieving extraordinary results for our customers, building satisfying careers for our people, and earning a fair return on the value we deliver. We integrate our multiple resources, including specialized personal or production and service facilities to achieve the best results and also E.H.L. Work with dedication to maintain our clients’ trust.

Our vision is first and foremost about the enduring success of our clients. To deliver on that, we work collaboratively with our partners and innovate, bringing technology to bear on the design of new assets and on the reconfiguration and optimization of existing infrastructure.

Our values

We operate in increasingly diverse markets so a common set of values offers clear business benefits and will help support the challenges of future growth.

E.H.L. Construction aspires to operate its business in a manner that exceeds the ethical, legal, economical and public expectations of the society. The Company success over many years has been built on a foundation of Values include a Team work, Excellence, integrity and respect. Having Strong values provides a frame work within which our people can operate and make sensible decisions. Our values go hand-in -hand with the concept of empowerment a fundamental principle of the lighten way. The company with a strong and clearly defined set of values means that its people have alignment and consistency with the direction of the business.


  • We listen to each other and share knowledge willingly
  • We willingly combine our expertise
  • We work at creating excellent relationships
  • We act as if we are part of a bigger picture


  • We care about how our actions affect others and the wider environment
  • We treat everyone equally and embrace difference
  • We encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential
  • We appreciate the skills and abilities of others


  • We are fair and open with everybody
  • We do not walk past what is wrong or unsafe
  • We keep our promise
  • We support everyone for doing the right thing


  • We go the extra mile to deliver
  • We do not tolerate under-performance in ourselves or in others
  • We will not compromise on safety or quality
  • We constantly look for innovative and creative solutions