As construction leaders, E.H.L Construction employees demonstrate a commitment to safety, quality, and sustainability. This commitment positively differentiates E.H.L from competitors.


"Zero Accident" policy is a goal and achievement at E.H.L



Continuously implementing the comprehensive Health Safety and Environment policy to protect all employees and associates working at EHL offices, construction sites and related facilities. It is including protection from every kind of pollution, hazard and accident that may result from its business.

Creating a safe and healthy work environment is a part of E.H.L. Constructions’ dynamic culture. The value of safety at E.H.L Construction is instilled in everything it does through a guiding principle. E.H.L will not compromise the health and safety of its people. E.H.L employees look out for each other with a goal of zero incidents.


E.H.L Construction is dedicated to provide quality products and services satisfying the needs and expectations of each customer with a creative, self-motivated and dedicated team.


Successful quality projects demonstrate a culture that embraces clear communication, effective problem solving, and a strong client/builder relationship. Quality leadership offers value to both the organization and its customers by ensuring that each party’s expectations are met to the fullest extent possible.


Quality work reduces cost, improves schedule, and, in doing so, satisfies our customers. We believe in achieving quality by making solid decisions based on facts, identifying issues before they occur, promptly fixing problems should they materialize, and inspiring every person on a project to "do it right at the first time."


E.H.L Constitution’s growing commitment to sustainability is grounded by the guiding principle of social responsibility and environmental stewardship. E.H L. Realizes the importance of more than just economic sustainability by also making a positive impact in local communities and environment.


We want our communities to be healthy, stable, and sustainable. While the construction industry has not been known for being environmentally friendly, we understand that it just makes sense to incorporate sustainable construction practices into our work. That is why we are making efforts and advances everywhere we can. We help our clients find balance between sustainability and cost in every phase of the construction process. Throughout every step of the project, we work closely with clients, architects, and engineers to provide the information they need to determine how best to reach sustainability goals.