Water Supply and Drainage

The provision of safe and adequate drinking water to burgeoning urban population continues to be one of the major challenging tasks

E.H.L. Construction’s range of services cover all stage of water supply and treatment which include planning, identifying sources of supply both surface and ground water designs of transmission systems, pumping arrangements, disinfection & treatment processes. E.H.L. engineers can also undertake construction supervision, and project management. E.H.L. experienced experts can provide consulting services in several fields relating to planning, design and execution of water supply schemes.

The objective of a public waste water collection & disposal system is to ensure that sewage or excreta and sul-lage discharged from communities is properly collected, transported, treated to the required degree & finally disposed off without causing any health or environmental problems. Industrial wastewater treatment is required to prevent the pollution of water bodies and damage to environment. E.H.L. Specializes in underground utility services and storm management. We have successfully completed many projects for land developers, municipal governments, public and private sector organizations.

E.H.L.do Excellent General Contracting services for Site Preparation, Underground Services, Storm Management, Landfills, and many other projects. Our services include, Water, Sanitary and Storm Installation and Servicing Sanitary Sewer System and Water Main Upgrades, Deep Sewer Installation and Wastewater Collection Systems.

Roads, Highways and Bridges

E.H.L. provides services from concept to completion on highway projects both in urban and rural areas including city streets. We are fully capable of providing our clients with planning, environmental analysis, traffic studies, design, construction management and construction inception, program management and design/build services. Engineers and planners at E.H.L pay special attention to public sensibility to highway and road projects.

We are equally proud of our reputation for attention to details in design whether the project is a small pedestrian bridge or a large bridge. .We believe that professional design services should be tailored to each client's needs and resources. The quality of bridge may be measured by its success in satisfying the basic objectives implicit in its design. These are functional, structural, economic, constructible, durable and aesthetic. We at E.H.L. are good at putting together these objectives. We always carefully estimate the first cost of bridge

Our bonding capacity, inventory of construction equipment, and material resources provide us the ability to successfully respond to today's most demanding jobs.

We’ve constructed and maintained over hundreds of roadway across Sri Lanka, from access-roads to national highways.

E.H.L. Construction is the successful completion of highly technical projects in a variety of challenging environments ranging from the most densely populated, high traffic urban zones in Sri Lanka.

Our work has focused on transportation projects with an emphasis on major bridge projects, highway interchange and Highways.

Irrigation Works

Our E.H.L. Construction offers a wide range of irrigation services. Our civil and agricultural engineers have experience in the design and construction management of irrigation/ drainage systems.

Rivers, water tanks, wells and canals are major Source of water used for Agriculture. Understanding innovation, conservation, transmission efficiency and integrated resource management help us use our limited water resources wisely